Can I return an item?

In most cases, no, but that is largely based on the situation and you can view our return policy here.

What's your typical lead time?

We can work with you on your in-hands date, for sure, but we generally need 10 days to get the order from sales, to graphics and then onto production. Depending on what item you order as well, there could be an additional time and process to get it shipped which largely varies.

I need my order tomorrow, is that possible?

We'll definitely do everything we can to try! In most cases, there's an additional rush charge, but call us at 916-927-9377 for more details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

If you have elected check payment option on your order, we will begin processing your order after we receive the full payment for the order. Alternative payment methods available for immediate processing of your order include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card Payments. An order is not accepted unless you receive an order acknowledgement from us through e-mail or fax.

What happens if my check is returned?

There is a $35.00 returned check service charge, and/or allowable collection and payment fees as allowed by civil code. We do not accept a personal check or credit card payments to replace a check that has been returned. If a check is returned, the face value of the check, plus the $35.00 returned check fee may be paid by cashiers check.

There is also a $35.00 late payment fee for disputed credit card transactions that will be assessed for all disputed card transactions wherby a customer has not contacted us prior to contacting your bank. If there is an error on a transactions, you should always contact the merchant first as we can resolve the issue quickly, and without the hassle of a dispute. In addition, finance charges at the rate of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all disputed credit card transaction until payment is received in full.

Can you sublimate or laser engrave my custom artwork?


What kind of format do you require for my custom artwork?

If we are laser engraving, we must have CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF vector artwork that has all text converted to curves or outlines.

If it's sublimation, we can of course still use the files listed above and prefer to as they give the best quality, but we also accept TIFF, BMP, JPG or other Raster images that are 1-Bit black and white camera ready artwork. No Grayscale and should be in a minimum of 300 DPI resolution.

We accept both PC and MAC artwork files, too.

I didn't see my file type listed above, so what format won't work at all?

JPG or GIF images or other low resolution images converted to a TIFF or BMP and even if the resolution is changed to 300 dpi, are not acceptable if the original image was less than 300 DPI. Simply re-saving a file as a new file type, does not increase the quality of the pixels in the artwork itself. Images from web sites are typically in 72 or 96 DPI. Please contact your company's graphic department to obtain a High Resolution logo, versus using one off your company's web site.

If you do not have a high resolution image or must use one from your companies web site, please be aware that the end result of the laser engraving may not look professional. We can re-design the image if you prefer using the artwork you supply from your company web site, however there is a graphic design flat rate charge of $40.

Do not embed image files inside of word documents or other documents such as spreadsheets, rather provide the raw artwork file itself.

What if I don't have a high quality image or the formats you're asking for?

That's ok! Our company maintains a database of over 80,000 standardized company logos and artwork files. In most cases, we may have your company's logo already on file in a laser engravable format. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also can recreate your artwork to the desired format using our staff graphic designers, but it's an additional artist fee of $40.

Will I be to see a mock-up or a sample of my order?

That depends, as we don’t offer proofing on every product that we produce, but in cases where an art or setup is involved an art proof is mandatory.

Proofs will be provided by either fax or by e-mail whichever is your preference. It is very important to respond to these proofs as expediously as possible. If you delay responding to a proof, you could very well be extending your delivery date.

Please review all accompanying documents with the proof. You need to fax, email, or call our Graphics Department and inform them that either the proof is good “as is” or note the changes that are required. If you need changes and would like a re-proof that option is available, but you are limited to two revisions per job.